Game Design & Development

For Age Group from 8-15 year old

Level 0

Getting started with the fundamental concept of  visual designing and coding through storytelling

10 Session

₹ 4999

Level 1

• Concept of game development
• Intro to storytelling and game arts
• Fundamentals of game programming

15 Session

₹ 7999

Level 2

• Game Art Design
• Building game mechanics
• Level Design
• Game Interface designing
• Game Programming
• Deployment to play store

20 Session

₹ 14,999

Get the complete course for ₹ 26,999

45 sessions


This level is designed for the kids who would like to focus on mastering a particular skill, through this level kids will be focusing on a particular subject which will help the kid to master. This level is designed focusing more on production level where a kid will be capable of developing consumer ready application

Python Game Development

In this course, you will learn about game development using python language. This course covers the core concepts used in game development like building GUI, writing game logic's, game deployment and will enable you to strengthen  your python logical programming skills.

15 Sessions

₹ 11,999

Game Development

• More into game loop, rules, and game object design and implementation.
• Advanced system programming and techniques.
• Understanding more about 2D and 3D game development.

15 Sessions

₹ 9999

Game Art Creation

• Understanding the design principles
• Game interface designing
• Learning more about color theory
• 2D and 3D asset creation
• Creating game animations

15 Sessions

₹ 9999

Game Design

• Creative writing
• Interactive Story telling
• Game Mechanics
• Level Designing
• Design Document Preparation
• Prototyping

15 Sessions

₹ 9999