Who we are?

We are a bunch of designers, coders, innovators, techno-creative professionals worked for some tech giants over the past decades on cutting-edge technologies, building some awesome games and innovative products.


Mission & Vision

The future of tech innovation lies on our kids, nurturing the future innovator lies on our hand. So we are taking up this opportunity as a mission to prepare our future champions to carve the future world of technology. Our main goal is to make the futuristic digital technologies accessible to each and every kid.

We are purpose-driven

Digital Leaders


Technology can help remedy a variety of wider challenges facing society, from healthcare to environmental sustainability – and technology leaders can play an important part in driving that change through innovative thinking.

Financial aid


We offer financial aid to students from under served communities. Every child deserves access to quality tech education, regardless of their background. Our goal is to help bridge the digital divide and build a better tomorrow.


Techno-Creative Rock Star Instructors

We have a pool of dedicated instructors who are creative and technology enthusiasts who have been working for tech giants in building some cool and awesome product, who still love to learn and have a passion towards teaching.